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This we know of the future:

-energy will be expensive
-labor will be cheap.

The result can be feudal -- a few ultra-wealthy individuals and/or corporations.

Alternatively, the result can be a vibrant network of "convivial" communities.

Subscribe to a Society of Universities.


We spend an inordinate amount of time on profit. By focusing on flow, we can turn our attention to being creative in a more positive way. We should only "invest" in something that we can live with ourselves. For those with discerning tastes, almost all construction of the last 40 years or so is not of a quality that is acceptable. What are we going to do with trillions of pounds of sheetrock?

We need universities -- that all can contribute to -- that are truly whole and local. Contrast this with the dominant universities of today that really only focus on training students to fit into the expanding consumer-oriented economy. This may not be their stated mission but it is certainly reality.

The foundation of our society should be learning. In more enlightened times, universities provided this learning and it can do it again.


(1) The concept seems rife for class warfare - capital class vs scholar/labor class.

(2) Is the concept sustainable without a sustainable scholar class? Or is killing off the scholar genes an intended outcome?

(3) And with no generational wealth transfer for scholars, only those with NO investment in the future (dependents; spouse, kids) would labor for the capital class there. What sort of 'scholars' are so disconnected from life that they don't have dependents or will exclude them for the 'privilege' of laboring there? And why would anybody want to learn from such losers?


Inevitable warfare between classes.

Scholars without dependents -> more stupid each generation.

Scholars without dependents -> not the sort of scholars anyone wants to learn from anyway.

... ... ?

Matt Holbert


Thanks for your comments. They are quite thoughtful -- especially when compared with your comments on other Typepad accounts.

First of all, it should be noted that the "capitalists" that I have in mind are individuals who have been and are currently bearing the brunt of our existing insidious class warfare -- the transfer of wealth from those who actually produce to those who manipulate. (Have you seen the latest on the Goldman Sachs bonuses?) We are currently trending towards a feudal society.

Secondly, please note that I'm not hung up on the term "scholars." It could just as easily be associates, partners, or some other term. Heck, we could call them CEO's. The lifestyle would be very similar to that of a CEO when he or she is working and traveling -- high quality shelter and food. The key is the implicit "vow" of non-accumulation and not contributing to overpopulation while in residence -- a recognition that the combination of accumulation/consumption and overpopulation threatens the health of the system that we rely on for all life.

Perhaps E. F. Schumacher sums it up best in "A Guide For The Perplexed":

"To enhance our Level of Being, we have to adopt a life-style conducive to such enhancement, which means one that will grant our lower nature no more attention and care than it requires and will leave us ample free time and attention to pursue our higher development."

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