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September 29, 2007


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i really like this post, and your concept of Living More.

I'm just curious about something. In your opinion, which generation was the KEY group that made the KEY choices that got us to the point we are now. Do you think there was a crossroad in time in which our evolution could have gone either way? Evolved into creating a "quality" system as you have mentioned above or this current predicament? This might seem like a silly question to you, and upon writing this I'm thinking that it is the agricultural revolution but I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts.



I'm currently reading a book entitled Mindful Economics. The author makes the case that capitalism is the source of our problems. Capitalism is a system that requires the economy to constantly grow. As the author points out, perpetual growth is simply not possible on a planet with finite resources. Capitalism took off about 400 years or so ago. (If a shift was to be made, it probably would have had to take place before capitalism got up a head of steam.) In my opinion, all of the generations since that time have supported this system. It's so alluring and *has* created quality for a tiny percentage of the population. Its propaganda has made the majority think that they can have this quality. The author of ME ends the book by citing several types of existing institutions (coops, etc.) that can serve to take us in a more sustainable direction. My take on it is that none of them are alluring enough to persuade more than a small number of people to jump ship. If there is an opportunity to convince people that a change in our best interest, it may come in the near future as many of the middle and even upper-middle class lose their stakes in this system.

BTW, Obama will not be the one to push for something other than the status quo. He is solidly in the current paradigm as evidenced by those who he is considering as cabinet choices -- his cabinet will be a re-make of the Clinton presidency. The best that the American people can hope for is some sort of watered-down universal health care.

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